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The olympic medalist on the blocks

The 110mh in going to be one of the most desired moments of this Sundays Madrid Meeting. It’ll be an electric event, as always, but it will also have the incentive of having two of the outstanding hurdlers running in front of their Spanish crowd.

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The adrenaline of the 800m

The Madrid Meeting 2019will be with out doubt one of the best dates in the seasons calendar. Spanish athletes were waiting this momento and now they have it as a key event within their preparation towards Spanish Championships in La Nucía and World Championships in Doha. A good example of this is the fact that the three national leaders are running the 800m.

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The fastest event with top names

The 100m have something special. The shortest and fastest event in athletics is always a good reason to stare a bit more tan 10 seconds looking a stadium’s main straight. If you add top level names the incentive is even better. Next Sunday 25th the Madrid Meeting will vibrate with some of the fastest sprinters in the world.

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High level for de women 1.500m in Madrid

The female events will have high level events and one of those will be the 1.500m. In this one and a half kilometer event will run for the first place and good results a big number of athletes with good rates threatening the four minutes barrier. The crowd will also have the incentive to see the three best spanish athletes in the distance.

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Long jump threatens 7 meters

Few days ago men in triple jump were main characters when they were anounced for Madrid Meeting 2019, today we talk about the sand’s event but long jump in this case. Next Sunday 25ththis discipline will dress up with outstanding international names.

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