Olympic triple jump champion Yulimar Rojas will open her outdoor season on Saturday 18 June at the Meeting of Madrid — a World Athletics Continental Tour Silver meet — at Vallehermoso Stadium.

Last March, the Venezuelan set an outright world record of 15.74m in her way to a third global indoor title in a row in Belgrade. Now the 26-year-old jumper seeks a third consecutive outdoor gold medal in Oregon and targets the recently-unimaginable 16-meter barrier. Will Rojas approach that landmark in Madrid?

Based in Guadalajara, just 50 kilometers from Madrid, the Olympic champion has competed so many times in Madrid that she has built a strong fanbase in the city. In 2020, Rojas set her first world indoor record (15.43m) at the Centro Deportivo Municipal Gallur. And four years before, she had leaped over 15 meters (15.02m) for the first time in her career at the Meeting of Madrid — then held in Moratalaz.

Earlier this year, the Venezuelan came just two centimeters off her world indoor record in Madrid (15.41m), in her last competition prior to her global title in Belgrade.

On Saturday 18 June, Rojas will jump in front of the Vallehermoso Stadium crowd for the first time. The Olympic champion had already competed there in 2021 — winning with a wind-aided 15.34m (+2.2) leap and a 15.19m legal jump — but the public wasn’t allowed to attend the meet due to the pandemic.

After that triumph in Madrid, Rojas took the Olympic gold medal in Tokyo, breaking the world record with 15.67m on route to the win.

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All compettions in Spain – Triple jump


15.43           0,7         1          Andújar                      22.05.2021

15.41           1,5         1          Andújar                      06.09.2019

15.19           1,4         –           Madrid                       19.06.2021

15.14           2,0         1          Ibiza                             08.05.2021

15.06           1,1         1          Huelva                        20.06.2019

15.02         -0,4         1          Madrid                       23.06.2016

14.96         -0,3         1          Andújar                      02.06.2017

14.71           0,7         1          Castellón                    05.09.2020

14.62           0,9         1          Castellón                    10.06.2017

15.34v         2,2         1          Madrid                       19.06.2021


15.43 pc                    1          Madrid                       21.02.2020 RMUNDO

15.41 pc                    1          Madrid                       02.03.2022

14.92 pc                    1          Madrid                       08.02.2019

14.79 pc                    1          Madrid                       28.01.2017

14.69 pc                    1          Madrid                       23.01.2016

14.35 pc                    1          Sabadell                     19.02.2016

14.63 pc                    1          Madrid                       26.02.2016

13.97 pc                    1          Madrid                       16.01.2016