The 100m have something special. The shortest and fastest event in athletics is always a good reason to stare a bit more tan 10 seconds looking a stadium’s main straight. If you add top level names the incentive is even better. Next Sunday 25th the Madrid Meeting will vibrate with some of the fastest sprinters in the world.

Talking about international names we would have the Jamaican Asafa Powellwith a personal best of 9.72 and a season best of 10.02. We will also have at the blacks the American Mike Rodgers, with 9.85 as all times barrier and 10.00 this season. They will be joining the Japanese champion Abdul Hakim Sani Brownwho knows how to run in 9.97, season -and personal- best for him. Other sub 10.00 athletes participating in Madrid will be another Japanese like Yoshihide Kiryu(9.98) and the South African Simon Magakwe(9.98).

Taking a look on Spanish names we will have on the track Angel David Rodriguezwho will run on a special stadium for him. And we will also have on the blocks the Spanish 100m leader of the year -with 10.35– Javier Martínor the Young Pol Retamalthat has just achieved the second national all time best mark in 200m (20.49) few days ago.