Days go by and more names add up to the list of athletes that will be reference for those fans who decide to visit the opening o Vallehermoso Stadium. Now the confirmation arrives with the name of one athlete that has made the crowd stand up for many seasons, and that name is Oscar Husillos. He becomes again one of the outstanding names after his participation on last year’s Meeting in the 400m with Bruno Hortelano. At that momento Bruno broke the Spanish national record with 44.69 and Oscar followed him with 44.73. Now this palentinian athlete wants to write another historical page and he wans to do it in capital letters.

Husillos reaches this Meeting in a good progression as the season goes on. His target is to reach the 45.26 he needs to represent Spain in the World Championships in Doha an sure that this Madrid Meeting is one of the places he could reach that mark next Sunday 25th.